Monday, December 19, 2011

The Best Kind of Christmas Present


I have been so busy with Cupcakes for Cancer!  It is an organization I founded in order to raise money for the local Cancer Care Center in my area.  We sold cupcakes at lunches for $1 each.  We are finally done and  I am proud to report that we raised $133!  My parents were kind enough to match whatever I made (I doubt that they thought we would raise so much from high-schoolers).  When I brought the money to our Key Club adviser here at the high school, she saw the $266 and decided to donate the remaining $34 to make it an even $300!!

We made several different kinds of cupcakes and we kept the money in this cute blender.

I am so happy that it was such a success and I immediately e-mailed Lakeland hospital about donating the money and they set up a time and a place at the new Cancer Care Center in our area.  This morning, I got to visit the new center and take a mini tour of the facilities.  It was so beautiful!!  And they printed up a giant check for me to hand to the president of the facility and we even got to take a couple pictures! It was such a great experience and I am so thankful for everything I have and that I had the unique opportunity to give such a huge and appreciated gift back to my community.